Francoise Miquelis

Françoise Miquelis

Francoise Miquelis was born in Nice in 1962.
She lives and works in the Paris area (92)
Alongside her career as a performer in theatre and films, she has a developed a practice as a visual artist.
The two disciplines are at the root of her identity and an essential alternate breathing in her expression.
Theatre as a space of speech, collectivity, immediate exchange is
punctuated by periods of research and creation in the silence of the studio.
Françoise Miquelis has worked for ten years in the theatre with director
Jean-Claude Penchenat and the Theatre Company of Théâtre du Campagnol for many creations : Coïncidences ; Le Chat Botté -Ludwig Tieck, Intégrale des pièces en 1 acte de Marivaux ; 1, Place Garibaldi ; Le Jeu des 7 familles, Love Labour’s lost…
Also under the direction of Anita Picchiarini in Katzelmacher-R.W Fassbinder, Didier Flamand in Prends bien garde aux Zeppelins ,Virginie Lemoine in
Le Bal -Irène Nemirovsky, Mathilda May in Le Banquet …
In films with Bertrand Tavernier, Anne Fontaine, Jean-Xavier de Lestrade, Xabi Molia, Jérôme Descamps, Nabil Ben Yadir, Sarah Heitz de Chabaneix, Frédéric Berthe, Frédéric Balekdjian, Mathieu Schwartz….

Education :

Post graduate degree in Anglo-American Studies at La Sorbonne -Paris 4

Workshop at the Nice National Theatre with Julien Bertheau
Workshop Jean-Louis Martin Barbaz (Serge Erich-Francois Marchasson)
Training with Jean-Claude Penchenat – Théâtre du Campagnol

Nice City Art School – Patrick Saytour
Workshop Jean-Claude Gerodez
Ateliers Beaux-Arts Ville de Paris – Laurent Esquerré